Session Description

Details on the end-to-end process of Intervention Tracking and Monitoring in Aeries. This session includes recent changes to support a district's "SST" process, as well as classroom interventions and referrals. This session will explain what each Intervention table is designed to track and will recommend code sets to use.

Session Content

  • Configuration steps required for setup of Interventions related tables
  • Process for teachers/staff to document Pre-Referral Interventions
  • When and how a referral to Intervention can be submitted
  • Administrator process for accessing, reviewing and approving/denying Referrals to Intervention
  • Scheduling Intervention or SST meetings using the Intervention tool
  • Input and management of details related to student Interventions
  • Uploading/storing documents related to student Interventions
  • Accessing and printing reports related to Interventions
  • Using the Interventions Dashboard to monitor school or district-wide Interventions data

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