Session Description

Explanation of timelines and procedures of the grade reporting cycle, available grade reporting options, grade input, and generating report cards and other reports. 

Session Content

  • Using the Grade Reporting Dashboard to guide the steps of Grade Reporting throughout the school year
  • Forms and tables in aeries that impact Grade Reporting, including School Info, Courses and Master Schedule
  • Configuring report card options including valid marks, mark headings, comment codes
  • Populating language translations of comment codes, course titles, and other report card elements
  • Configuring the Teacher Portal to allow for grade reporting
  • Initializing a report card cycle
  • Methods for entering grades onto report cards
  • Steps for finalizing report cards, including updating GPA and attendance data
  • Printing report cards and other various reports related to the grade reporting cycle
  • Generating Report Card History
  • Rolling grades to transcripts and updating overall GPA and class ranks

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