One all-new addition with the arrival of Aeries Mobile Portal is the ability for students to check in to a classroom using a QR code scanner provided via the app. This new method of class check-in streamlines the process with Aeries supplemental attendance check-in system, and provides useful security features to help ensure the functionality is not misused.

Account type warning

Class check-in is a student-oriented feature and only shows to students. You will not see the option to use class check-in if you are logged in to the app with a parent account.

Checking in

When you open the QR code class check-in screen, a QR scanner will open in-app using the device's camera, displaying a square where a class check-in QR code can be scanned. Once you scan it, it will display the name of the class you're about to check in to, and ask for confirmation that you really intend to check in.

Checking out

To check out, simply navigate back to the QR code class check-in screen. It will display any classes you're currently checked in to and prompt you to check out. If you check out less than 1 minute after checking in to a class, the system assumes you made a mistake and doesn't log check-in or check-out.

Security considerations

To ensure students cannot misuse QR code check-in functionality, it's possible to only allow check-ins to occur from devices connected to your school's local network. That way, if a student were to attempt to check in to a class remotely from home, for example, the check-in would fail.