The Demographics screen offers a view displaying the student's demographic information, so you can ensure it's correct.

Main screen

On the Demographics screen, you'll be able to view the currently-selected student's basic profile information and some demographic information.

The screen outputs the information on file for the currently-selected student, drawing from Aeries' Student Demographics data.

Demographic information

On the Demographics screen, find data like:

  • Name - the full name of the student
  • School name - the name of the school the student attends
  • Permanent ID - the permanent ID of the student
  • Grade - the grade the current student is in (e.g. 4th grade)
  • Age - the age of the student in years
  • Birth date - the date of birth of the student
  • Teacher - the name of the student's teacher
  • Address - the residence (and mailing, if different) address of the student

Editing demographic data note

The app is currently only capable of displaying demographic data at this time. To edit incorrect or outdated demographic data, log into the full Aeries Web portal.