The Demographics screen offers a view displaying the student's demographic information, so you can ensure it's correct.

Main screen

On the Demographics screen, you'll be able to view the currently-selected student's basic profile information and some demographic information.

The screen outputs the information on file for the currently-selected student, drawing from Aeries' Student Demographics data.

Demographic information

On the Demographics screen, the following data will display:


  • Name - the full name of the student
  • Primary Phone Number - the primary phone number for the student
  • School name - the name of the school the student attends
  • Permanent ID - the permanent ID of the student
  • Grade - the grade the current student is in (e.g. 4th grade)
  • Birthdate - the date of birth of the student
  • Age - the age of the student in years
  • Teacher/Counselor - the name of the student's teacher or counselor
  • Teacher/Counselor Email Address - the email address of the student's teacher/Counselor


  • Number - Locker number assigned to student
  • Combination - an eye icon will allow user to see the combination
  • Location - Location of the locker from LKR table
  • Position - Position of the locker from LKR table


  • Residence Address - the residence address of the student
  • Mailing Address - the mailing address of the student

Editing demographic data note: The app is currently only capable of displaying demographic data at this time. To edit incorrect or outdated demographic data, log into the full Aeries Web portal.