This article is obsolete and replaced by Discipline & Assertive Discipline.

The Discipline (DIS) page can be used to enter minor infractions for a student. This form can be accessed from the Navigation tree under the Guidance section.  

A District Rule is available to use an Advanced Discipline page that will display more fields.  Please refer to the next article for more information on the Advanced Discipline page.  

A Portal Option is available to allow teachers to enter discipline records and have emails sent to a designated email address.  Please refer to the Teacher Email article for more information.

Below is the Discipline page.

Below is the Discipline page with the District Rule of Use Advanced Discipline (DIS) Page option enabled.

The Discipline page can be used for non-suspendable, less severe offenses that do not get reported to CALPADS.  The Assertive Discipline page should be used for suspendable offenses.  Please see the following link for more information:  Assertive Discipline

The following fields are available on the Discipline page:

DIS.DT - Date

DIS.CD - Code

DIS.SID - Staff

DIS.SCL - School

DIS.ST - Status

DIS.CO - Comment

DIS.UN - Created By User

DIS.LUB - Last Updated By

DIS.LUD - Last Updated Date

The following fields are available with the District Rule for Advanced Discipline enabled:

DIS.ET - Exact Time

DIS.LCN - Location

DIS.PM - Possible Motivation

DIS.CN - Consequence