The LCAP Dashboards are free dashboards that use the Aeries Analytics engine to provide pre-configured dashboards to analyze many data points common to the LCAP development process.

LCAP - ELPAC Overall

Initializing and processing LCAP will provide districts with 25+ dashboards, 50+ charts, and well over 100 indicators with dozens of subgroups to cross-analyze and compare data.

The Dashboard topics are:
    504 Students
    A/G Readiness 12th Graders
    ACT Composite
    Advanced Placement Result
    All Day Unexcused Absence Count >= 3
    AP/IB Participation Rate
    Attendance % (Chronic (>10%) vs Non Chronic)
    ELPAC Overall
    CST (Science)
    Early Assessment Program
    Foster Students
    Grades (HIS)
    Homeless Students
    Language Fluency
    Long Term English Learner (LTEL)
    PSAT Participation Rate
    PSAT Performance
    PSAT Performance (Pre-2015)
    Race Ethnicity
    SAT I
    SAT I (Pre-Mar-2016)
    Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students
    Special Ed Students

Each Dashboard will display information for a default set of Subgroups:
    All Students
    Foster - Foster
    Homeless - Homeless
    Lang Flu - English Learner
    Lang Flu - Redesignated
    RacEthnic - Black (Non-Hispanic)
    RacEthnic - Hispanic
    RacEthnic - White (Non-Hispanic)
    SocEconDis - Socio-Economically Disadvantaged
    Special Ed - Special Ed

NOTE: At this time the LCAP Dashboards cannot be edited.

NOTE: The Analytics Dashboards are intended to be used to identify where students and schools are at among a variety of data points and affect change for the students that can be helped right now, it is not designed to show a longitudinal breakdown of information over one or many years.  With that goal in mind, the dashboards only include Active students.


The Aeries Analytics node in the navigation is available to all Districts, even those that have not purchased Aeries Analytics yet, in order to view the LCAP Dashboards.

Districts that have not purchased Aeries Analytics will have the Analytics Dashboard, Student Indicator Details, Configs/Functions, and Analytics System Config available in the Aeries Analytics node.

Districts that have purchased Aeries Analytics already will have the above mentioned pages available as well as the Item Definitions and Analytics Dashboard Config pages. For more information on how to create custom dashboards and dashboard items please review the Aeries Analytics Data Analysis articles.