The Import Fixed Length Files form is designed to load the results of various test files for the current year and previous years into Aeries®.  This form can be used by the District or School, although certain test results can only be imported at the School level.  The form may vary slightly between different test file layouts but the procedures are the same.  The Import Fixed Lengths Files form contains various record layouts available for importing data, for example: 

  • ACT (2015-16 and prior test results)
  • Physical Fitness
  • PSAT (2016-17 and prior test results)
  • SAT (2016-17 and prior test results)

The School or District can select which record layout to use when loading their test scores.  After the test scores are loaded they will be stored in a local table.  Remember that when you are using a local table it is not accessible from another machine.  If the Aeries Version has been updated the data in the local table will need to be re-loaded.

Once the data is loaded it will be compared to the STU table to find student matches.  When a match is performed, the school number, student number and permanent ID number from the STU table is added to the local table.

After the match completes a report can be generated to list all unmatched students.  The permanent ID, school number and student number can then be located for unmatched students and can be manually updated.  

When the matches between the two tables are as complete as possible the local test table can then update the Testing tables with the student’s scores using the Update button.

  1. Please take note that the macro Load SAT Data is no longer available for importing SAT Data.
  2. Some files, such as the ACT (2015-16 and prior), PSAT (2016-17 and prior), and SAT (2016-17 and prior) can only be uploaded using School Aeries. 
  3. The 2016-17 and future ACT test results data files can only be imported in the Aeries Web Version, Aeries Client will not be updated to accommodate the 2016-17 and future test results.
  4. The 2017-18 PSAT and SAT imports will only be available in the Aeries Web Version, Aeries Client will not be updated to accommodate the 2017-18 and future test results.