The Standards page is found in Grade Reporting | Configurations. Standards can be displayed in a list of all standards, or in a tree format which shows the hierarchy of the standards. A Search box is available to limit the standards that are displayed, as well as filters for type of standard and grade level.

Click on the Add New Record button to enter a new standard into the table. In the screenshot below a 12th grade Writing standard is being added to the Standards table. Enter the Standard ID, Title, Type of Standard, and if it is a substandard, then select the higher level standard that it is under in the Category field. If the standard will be receiving a grade on the report card, then Mark Type1 must be set to Progress Toward Standard and select whether or not the standard will display on the Missing Mark Report.

Select the terms when this standard is assessed and the grade level(s) that it applies to. Up to six translations can be entered for each standard. Select the Correspondence Language code and enter the translation into the field next to it. Click on the Save button when complete.

To edit a standard select the standard in the Display List. The standard definition will display on the right. Select the Change button. Once all changes have been made, select Save.

NOTE: Standards should not be modified once the Grade Reporting Cycle has been initialized. 

Load State Learning Standards

State standards can be quickly imported by using the Load State Learning Standards page.  The page is available at the District level for users logged in with an Admin-type account and can be found under Standards Based Grades | Configurations in the navigation.  The page has four tabs to load CA Content Standards, Common Core, CA ELD, and the Next Generation Science standards.

The Update/Load Selected Standards button will analyze all existing standards in the system, rename them if needed, and add any new standards.

Please review the Load State Learning Standards articles for more information on how to update/load state standards into Aeries.

Defining Standards for a Course

The Standards tab in the Courses page is used to define which standards apply to each course and if they display on the report card. Standards assigned to courses at one school or at the District level will apply for all schools. Users will need full permissions to Course Data to associate a standard to a course.

The Courses page can be found under Scheduling Process in the navigation. Click on the Standards tab to view any standards associated with a course, or add, edit or delete that association.

To define a standard for a course enter enter the Course Name or Course ID into the Search box and click on Go. Select the course to view it. Click on the Standards tab. Click on Add Standard(s).

The following form will display. To search for a standard enter a key word or the first few letters to filter for in the Search box. Select the Type of Standard to choose. The options are Local, Common Core, Next Generation Science or CA State Standards. These standards must already be defined in the Standards table in order to choose them. Enter the Grade level of the standard to limit the number of standards that appear in the list. Click on Go.

A list of all of the standards that meet the selection criteria will come up. Click on the standard that will be associated with the course to select it. If the standard has sub-standards and you wish to also associate those standards to the course leave the Include Related Standards option selected. Click on OK to complete this process.

NOTE: To add only the higher level standard to a course without its’ substandards, de-select the Include Related Standards option before clicking on OK to add the standard.

To prevent a standard from displaying on the report card or to delete the association of a standard to a course click on Edit Standards. The RptCard? option can be used to de-select any standards that should not be printed on the report card.

To delete an association to a standard click on the Delete icon and click on OK to the prompt confirming that you wish to delete the standard from the course. The standard will be lined out. Once the page is refreshed the standard will no longer display.

NOTE:  For Elementary Standards Based Grades courses the best practice when associating standards to courses is to ensure that for a typical student's schedule each standard that is on the student's report card is associated with only 1 course that the student is taking. This will ensure that the appropriate teacher will be able to enter grades for the standards that they are teaching according to the course's section number in the Master Schedule. For example, if all 4th grade students in an elementary school have a "4th Grade" course and a PE course, then the "4th Grade" course would include all of the 4th grade report card standards except for PE, and the PE course would only include the 4th Grade PE standard.