The Documents area can be used to upload and electronically store support documentation relative to the intervention. To upload a document for an Intervention record, click the mouse on the Documents button on the Interventions page.

To manage Intervention Documents, Users will need appropriate permissions to Student Documents (DOC).

The Documents area will display. Click on the Add New Record button to add a new Document record. The Date will default to the current date. The Grade level will default to the student’s current grade level.

Click on the Choose File button and select the file to upload. The file name will display to the right of the button once it is selected. Click on the Upload button to upload the file.

After the file is uploaded the file name will appear in the Document Name field. This field can be edited if desired. Select the type of document from the Category dropdown. Select a SubCategory if necessary to further distinguish the document. Select whether or not to lock the file. Locked files can only be modified or deleted by the user that uploaded them into the system. The Uploaded by field is automatically populated based on the Aeries login account.

Note: if the file uploaded is a HEIC file (default iPhone picture format) it will be automatically converted to .jpg format

Select the Save icon to save the record.

The Print button above the document records will print a report of the student’s documents. The Only show Current Grade option will limit the records that display and the records that are printed on the report to the student’s current grade level. To see/print documents from prior years de-select this option. Clicking on the Document icon will download the document so that it can be read.

To delete a Documents record, click the mouse on the Edit icon to the left of the Date field for the Documents record. Next, click the mouse on the Delete icon. A message will display confirming the deletion. Clicking the mouse on the OK button will delete the selected Documents record.