Certain information can be set up prior to creating Intervention records. Code table values can be set up in advance for the following tables and fields through Update Code Table. To access Update Code Table, from the Navigation Tree click the mouse on School Info | Configurations | Update Code Table. Below is a list of tables and fields that comprise Intervention Management.

Pre-Referral Interventions (PRI)

PRI.DT - Date

PRI.SID – Staff ID

PRI.SCL - School

PRI.CO - Comment

PRI.ST - Status

PRI.CO1 – Status Comment

PRI.PS - % Success

PRI.CO2 – Success Comment


Pre-Referral Intervention Codes (PRC)

PRC.CD – Pre Referral Intervention Code (Code value stored in IPI.CD)

PRC.SD – Start Date

PRC.ED – End Date

PRC.CO – Comment

Pre-Referral Intervention Reasons/Concerns (PRR)

PRR.CD - Reason

PRR.CO – Comment

Pre-Referral Intervention Parent Meetings and Contacts (PRN)

PRN.DT – Date

PRN.CD – Code

Referral to Interventions (RFI)

RFI.DT - Date

RFI.SID – Staff ID

RFI.SCL - School

RFI.CO – Comment

RFI.ST - Status

RFI.CO1 – Status Comment

RFI.RNM – Requestor Name

RFI.RR – Requestor Relation/Title

RFI.DN – Date Family Notified

RFI.TS – Translation Services Required

RFI.TL – Translation Languages

RFI.SD – Status Date

Referral to Intervention – Student Strengths (RFS)

RFS.CD – Strength (Code value stored in ISS.CD)

RFS.CO – Comment

Referral to Intervention – Reasons/Concerns (RFR)

RFR.CD – Reason (Code value stored in IRC.CD)

RFR.CO – Comment

Referral to Intervention – Prior Interventions (RFP)

RFP.CD – Code (Code value stored in IPI.CD)

RFP.CO – Comment

RFP.SD – Start Date

RFP.ED – End Date

Interventions Details (INV)

INV.CD – Intervention Code

INV.DS – Intervention Disposition

INV.CT – Intervention Category

INV.LV – Intervention Level

INV.PV – Intervention Provider

INV.PL – Intervention Placement

INV.RS – Intervention Reason

INV.TG – Intervention Status

Intervention Prior Interventions (IPI)

IPI.CD - Code

IPI.SD – Start Date

IPI.ED – End Date

IPI.CO - Comment

Intervention Reasons and Concerns (IRC)

IRC.CD - Reason

IRC.CO - Comment

Intervention Student Strengths (ISS)

ISS.CD - Strength

ISS.CO - Comment

Intervention Actions (INA)

INA.CD - Code

INA.DE – Description

INA.TD – Target Date

INA.CO - Comments

INA.CS – Criteria for Success

Intervention Goals (ING)

ING.GL – Intervention Goal (This is a free text field but can also have values defined in the Code table)

ING.TG – Intervention Goal Status

Intervention Comments (INC)

INC.CD – Intervention Comments Code

Intervention Meetings (INM)

INM.TY – Intervention Meeting Type

Intervention Practices (INP)

INP.CD – Intervention Practices Code

Intervention Stakeholders (INS)

INS.NM - Name

INS.RL - Relationship

INS.AT – Account Type

INS.AID – Account ID

Intervention Additional Resources (INR)

INR.CD – Intervention Additional Resources Code

Medical Insurance Information (MII)

MII.TY - Type

MII.NM – Name

MII.GP – Group