From the Guidance node on the navigation tree there are several pages available for use with counseling students.  Depending on the security for a user, the following pages are available on the Guidance node:  Assertive Discipline, Discipline, Counseling, Behavioral Emergency, Visitation, Retentions, Victims, Witnesses, Discipline Incidents and Discipline Dashboard. 

The Counseling page is utilized to log conferences and type any desired comments.  If codes have been standardized in the Code Table, you will be able to track the different reasons you have conferences with students, parents, teachers, etc. for example Personal Counseling or Teacher Concern.

REMEMBER: Care must be taken.  ALL Comments entered will print on the Print Student 

                       Counseling Report/CNF report in View all Reports.

The Visitation page is used for keeping notes and has room for as much narrative information as desired

Something to consider with the Visitation page is to limit User access through security.  This creates an area where more confidential notations can be entered.  However, be aware narratives written are accessible to reports, such as Print Student Counseling Report/VIS.  Use your best professional judgment about what is documented.