Summer School Course Requests is a new system in Aeries that allows schools to define their Summer School Terms and available Summer School Courses in the current, active Aeries database. Once this information is defined for each Summer School in the district, the new Summer School Course Requests area of the Student Course Requests page can be used to identify student summer school course requests.  A Summer Course Requests Management page is also available in the Summer school.

Students can be scheduled into summer school courses while staying in their regular school.  

This eliminates the need to pre-enroll or copy students in Summer Schools until closer to the end of the regular academic year. 

NOTE – If you are self hosted, the regular current Aeries database is used to build the Summer School Master Schedule, even if you normally create a new SQL DB for Summer School. The creation of that Summer School SQL DB can now be delayed until right before Summer School begins at the end of the regular school year.

Below is an example of a student’s Course Requests page with the Summer School Course Requests.

The following articles will detail the Summer School Course Request process.