School of Choice is a transfer request system available in Aeries. The system allows for parents with existing students in the district to submit a School of Choice Request for their students.  New and existing parents can also submit a School of Choice Request for new students to the district that will create a new student record directly into Aeries. Parents can choose up to 2 schools;  a first-choice and a second-choice school.

School of Choice Requests can also be submitted by office staff with the appropriate permissions while logged into Aeries.

Confirmation emails can be generated to the parents upon submission of the request and upon Approval or Rejection of the request. The email texts can be customized and support multiple language translations.

A School of Choice Management form is available  to the office staff with appropriate permissions when logged into Aeries. The School of Choice Management form will show all student requests and their requested schools.

Many filters are available to limit the students displayed.  The students can be Approved or Denied in groups or individually.