The Aeries gradebook has a Transfer Grade option. Transfer grades allows a teacher to define a default percentage to use as a grade for a student that has transferred to their current gradebook. By defining a default percentage for a transfer student, any assignments assigned before the student’s gradebook start date will be included in the calculation of the student’s overall grade. The Transfer Grade option only applies to non- Rubric gradebooks. This functionality can be used one student at a time.


The Transfer Grade option can be found under the Manage Student area of the Gradebook and the Transfer Grade column. Transfer Grades are stored in the Gradebook Transfer Scores (GTS) table. 

The Transfer Grade column has a Details button next to each student. Clicking on the Details button will display a Transfer Grade window. The Transfer Grade window options will apply to the student that the Details button was selected for. The Transfer Grade Details button only displays for Active students. It only applies to assignments that were assigned before the student’s gradebook start date.

The left side of the form is used to define the student transfer grade percentage. A default percentage is required. The Default percentage entered must be greater than or equal zero. When a default percentage is defined for a student any assignment given before the student’s start date will be included in the calculation of the student’s overall grade by using the default percentage.

There is also an option to define percentages for the gradebook categories. This is optional. If the category percentages are defined these percentages will be used before the default percentage.

The right side of the Transfer Grade window displays gradebooks the student has records in. The arrows can be used to expand the gradebook information and display the associated categories. The gradebooks listed are informational and are displayed to assist in determining what an appropriate default percentage should be for the student. If a gradebook on the right side of the page is selected, the listed overall for that gradebook will be used to populate the Enter a Default Percentage field on the left side of the page. Transfer Grade supports using a 0%. 

After a Transfer Grade has been assigned to a student the default percentage entered will display to the left of the Details button on the Manage Students page under the Transfer Grade column.  The Transfer Grade will also display on the Scores by Class, Scores by Assignment, and Scores by Student pages with ( ) around it.

Transfer Grades can be edited. An override checkbox will display if there are Not Applicable or Transfer Grades for a student on Scores By Class, Scores by Assignment and Scores by Student pages. If a Transfer Grade displays for a student to replace it with a different score, check the override option and then type in the new score.

The override function is applied at the assignment level. If an assignment has the option Input by Standard selected, the override option will affect all standards related to the assignment.

The Gradebook Restore function will restore the Gradebook Transfer Grades (GTS) table information if Gradebook Scores (GBS) is also selected.