The Aeries 504 Plan page can be used to outline how a student’s specific needs in the education environment are met. The 504 Plan page can be used to describe Accommodation Plans to assist the student in meeting their educational goals.

The 504 Plan page can be used to list Plan Details including a description of the student’s impairments and 504 Plan dates. There are also areas to list Stakeholders, Evaluation Criteria, Impairments, Eligibility, and Accommodations.

504 Plan data will be used for State Reporting. The CALPADS SPRG extract looks at the 504 Plans (FOF) table first for extracting 504 records. If no FOF records exist, then the Programs (PGM) record is used.  The system will evaluate each student as it processes the SPRG extract.

Note:  It is recommended to populate either the 504 Plans (FOF) table or the Programs (PGM) record school/district wide for data consistency and not both areas.

The Aeries Web Version 504 Plan page can be accessed from the Student Data | Programs | 504 Plans node on the Navigation tree.

After clicking on the 504 Plan node the following page will display.

Tables and Fields used in 504 Plans

The following Tables and Fields are associated with the 504 Plan page. Codes for some of the below tables and fields MUST be setup in the Code Table prior to using the 504 Plan page. Code table categories, if specified, are also used on the Evaluation Criteria, Impairments, Eligibility, and Accommodations tabs.

Plan Details – FOF Table

  • Enter/Effective Date – FOF.SD
  • Exit/Leave Date – FOF.ED
  • Next Review Date – FOF.RD
  • Meeting Type – FOF.MT (code table)
  • Meeting Date – FOF.MD
  • Consent to Evaluate – FOF.CN (yes/no)
  • Consent Date – FOF.CND
  • Authorization for Exchange of Information – FOF.AU (yes/no)
  • Authorization Date – FOF.AUD
  • Rights & Safeguards – FOF.PR (yes/no)
  • Safeguards Date – FOF.PRD
  • Description of Impairment – FOF.DE
  • Referrer – FOF.RF
  • Plan Facilitator – FOF.CM (Staff table lookup)
  • Comment – FOF.CO
  • Team Decision – FOF.TD (code table)

Stakeholders/Participants – FPP Table

  • Name – FPP.NM
  • Title – FPP.TI
  • Ed Rights Holder – FPP.PG
  • Email – FPP.EM
  • Participated/Attended – FPP.AT
  • Comment – FPP.CO


Evaluation Criteria – FEC Table

  • Evaluation Type – FEC.CD (code table, required)
  • Evaluation Details – FEC.CO

Impairments (formerly Disabilities) – FSD Table

  • Impairment Type (formerly Disability Code) – FSD.CD (code table, required)
  • Significant – FSD.SI
  • Description/Diagnosis – FSD.CO
  • Frequency Distribution – FSD.FN


Eligibility/Impairment Effects (formerly Disability Effects) – FDE Table

  • Impairment Effect – FDE.CD (code table, required)
  • Description – FDE.CO

Accommodations – FAP Table

  • Area of Need – FAP.AD (code table)
  • Accommodation – FAP.CD (code table, required)
  • Accommodation Detail – FAP.AC
  • Responsible Role – FAP.RL (code table)
  • Responsible Stakeholder – FAP.PS
  • Frequency – FAP.FN (code table)

It’s important to note that some code table codes must be set up prior to using 504 Plans. These are noted above as required. The user will see an error message if codes have not been added. It is recommended to set up code values for all code table dropdowns as noted above. Sample codes are available.

The Evaluation Criteria, Impairments, Eligibility, and Accommodations tabs utilize the Category field in the code table to separate codes by category when adding new records. This allows for many codes to be broken down by category and displayed in a user-friendly view.


Users who will access the 504 Plan page will need appropriate permissions to the 504 Plans (FOF) security area in Security.

The following are the security permissions to the 504 Plans page:

  • Read – Allows a user to View the 504 Plan (FOF) information
  • Insert – Allows a user to add a New Plan and Plan Details (FOF) tab only. Users must have Update permission to be able to add information to any of the other areas.
  • Update – Allows a user to be able to Add a new 504 Plan and be able to update 504 Plan Details, but will also have full permissions to the additional tabs. 
  • Delete – Allows user to be able to fully delete a 504 Plan.