Districts that manage their user accounts through Google can configure Aeries to utilize the Google Authentication process for their Aeries Admin, Staff, Teacher, and Student accounts.

The district’s G Suite for Education Administrator will need to set up credentials in the Google API Console for Aeries to use to authenticate. The administrator will need to configure a new Client ID for use with web applications. Once this is configured properly they will be able to provide a Client ID and Client Secret. These are the two pieces of data Aeries will need to be able to securely authenticate Google accounts.

Do not share your district’s Client ID and Secret. These values should be kept secret and only known by trusted district Aeries/IT administrators.

In addition, the district Aeries Administrator must set up the Identity Provider Configuration page to link Aeries with Google. In the Security | Users page, the user accounts that will authenticate through Google will need to be added or updated.

IMPORTANT SECURITY REMINDER: When using Google Authentication, users who are already logged into Google can get into Aeries without entering their password again. This can present a security risk to the district, so be sure that your users know the security implications of Google Authentication. Locking the workstation when not in use is an excellent first line of defense against unauthorized access. A workstation logged into Google can immediately access any applications which are linked to that account, such as GMail, Youtube, Google Classroom, and now Aeries.