Create a New Project

Using the account you just created, login to the Google Cloud Console.

Click on the Project Dropdown

Choose New Project

Name the Project and Create, wait for the process then click on View to see the Project. It will now be available in the dropdown.  We recommend using a distinct name such as "Student Integration" or "Aeries Integration".  The Project ID will be the API Integration ID on the Google Staff Integration page in Aeries.

 Then choose APIs & Services > Dashboard.

Enable APIs

Choose Enable APIs and Services

Search for the Admin SDK.

 Click on the Admin SDK and Enable it.

Do the same for Classrooom

Credentials and Service Account

On the APIs and Services Dashboard, choose Credentials > Create Credentials > Service Account.  The Service account ID will be the API Integration ID on the Configure Google Staff page.

Proved a name for the Service Account and click Create

After Account creation, make the Account Owner.

Click Done on the next Screen. This is optional information.

Click on the Pencil icon to edit the Service Account

Expand the Domain-Wide Delegation and Enable G Suite Domain-Wide Delegation

Enter a Product Name

Select Add Key > Create New Key

Choose JSON

The Key will be created and automatically downloaded. Save it in a secure place for later use. This file will go in the AppSettings folder of your web server and the AeriesReportings\Service folder of your Report Server. 

Save the changes.

Finally, copy the Unique ID from the Service Account for the next step.  This is also the Service Account Client ID on the Google Staff Integration page in Aeries.