Aeries SIS has developed an API based on the OneRoster® 1.1 specification. OneRoster is a standard for securely exchanging data between student information systems (SIS) and other applications such as Learning Management Systems (LMS). More information is available on the IMS Global website:

By using the OneRoster standard, Aeries can ensure interoperability with other vendors that have implemented or will implement the same standard.

Aeries Public Demo

The public Aeries Demo site is configured with a set of credentials that a vendor can use to test the OneRoster 1.1 API. Please refer to the article on OneRoster API Authentication Process for details.

Aeries Base URL:

Client ID: 1279e5c6b747b6d62b7c76db3a205d40eb7458e678a90493d537d5af6b953550

Client Secret: 68019dbf8d8ba82980dd148eecc3977ac0d7f1f040d444225874c88eb80b9c1a