Session Description

While IT departments are expected to grow this year, it doesn't mean they need to spend more time or resources on IT service management. Freshworks survey have unveiled a groundbreaking opportunity. Globally, IT prose estimate that they could save more than 5 hours per week by using AI to complete repetitive tasks.

Join us as we unlock the limitless potential of AI to reshape IT efficiency, elevate productivity, and pave the way for substantial cost savings. It is time to re-imagine the future of your IT department.

Session Content

In this session, participants will:

  • The AI Revolution: Dive into the transformative potential of AI in IT, offering not only cost savings but also enhanced productivity and efficiency.

  • Streamlining Software Management: Gain insights into strategies for efficiently handling the surge in software applications.

  • Efficiency as the North Star: Understand why IT professionals prioritize ease of use and efficiency in business software over other attributes.

  • Time: The Ultimate Currency: Discover how AI can liberate valuable time for IT professionals, potentially saving over five hours per week for more strategic endeavors.

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