Session Description

Learn about how the Ed-Fi standard and ungirding technology has enabled data modernization strategies taking root across the country. Education Analytics, a national not for profit, will share about their full Ed-Fi stack that includes a data interoperability layer (the Ed-Fi ODS/API platform), a data transformation and longitudinal warehouse layer, and downstream applications (e.g., dashboards for teachers, school leaders and district leaders).

  • Learn about the technical architecture behind a full data modernization strategy that has the Ed-Fi standard and technology as its anchor.

  • Understand how data from multiple sources (e.g., AERIES, assessments, others) move from raw data into fully developed metrics that show up in a longitudinal warehouse and on a data visualization.

  • Learn about Podium (a visualization tool for school leaders and district leaders) and Rally (a tool specifically designed for teachers).

  • Hear real examples and use cases of these approaches from across the country.

  • Provide input on shaping an Ed-Fi stack offering for AERIES clients in California.

Session Documentation