Endorsements or Add-Graduation Requirements allow districts to define optional add-on graduation requirements for students. To complete a Graduation Endorsement, a student must receive a specified number of course credits. The credits and courses per endorsement are customizable. In California, Add-On Graduation Requirements are local decisions; Endorsements are a Texas-specific graduation requirement. The names are interchangeable, as the underlying tables are exactly the same. 


Graduation Endorsements use the following tables:

GEP - Graduation Endorsement Pathway - Stores pathways a student can take to achieve the Endorsements 

  • EPI - Endorsement Pathway ID
  • EC - Endorsement Code
  • NM - Name
  • DE - Description

GEA - Graduation Endorsement Requirements - Stores requirements for an Endorsement 

  • EPI - Endorsement Pathway ID
  • RN - Requirement Number
  • DE - Description
  • LCH - Cohort Low Range
  • HCH - Cohort High Range

GEO - Graduation Endorsement Options - Stores available options per Endorsement Requirement 

  • EPI - Endorsement Pathway ID
  • RN - Requirement Number
  • OID - Option ID
  • DE - Description
  • TC - Total Credit

GEC - Graduation Endorsement Courses - Stores available courses per Endorsement Option 

  • EPI - Endorsement Pathway ID
  • RN - Requirement Number
  • OID - Option ID
  • ECR - Endorsement Course ID
  • REQ - Required
  • GRP - Group
  • OCR - OR Group Credit
  • OAG - AND ALSO Group
GES - Graduation Endorsement Student - Stores Student Endorsement Statuses 
  • ID - Student ID
  • EC - Endorsement Code
  • OI - Opt-in
  • ST - Status
  • MO - Manually Overridden
  • IDT - Insert Date
  • IUI - Insert User Id
  • IUN - Insert User Name
  • UUI - Update User Id
  • UUN - Update User Name

Additionally, the STU.EOO (Endorsement Opt-out) field is used to signify a student has opted out of participating in any Graduation Endorsement.


In order to set up a Graduation Endorsement, a user will need all permissions to the Graduation Endorsement Setup (GEP) security area, located in the Grade Reporting group:

Security - GEP Table - Add-On Graduation Requirements

Security - GEP Table - Graduation Endorsements

The Student Graduation Endorsements (GES) security area, in the Test Scores group, is honored when adding Graduation Endorsements to a student's record. To view a student's Graduation Endorsement, a user will need Read to GES. To add a Graduation Endorsement to a student's record, a user will need Update to GES. 

Security - GES Table

To opt a student out of Graduation Endorsements, a user will need Update to STU:

Security - STU Table