A new area on the Users/Security page has been added for College and Career Indicator.  Users will need Read access to the security area to have access to this page.  A Mass Update option is available but is not used yet.  Currently students are calculated upon access to the page.  Data is stored in the CCI table. 

Several measures on the CCI Indicator Summary page  allow drill-downs to display more information.  User will need Read permissions to the following security areas to have full access:  Career Pathways, Test Scores and College Entrance Tests.


A District Setting is available to include the Academic Plan in the CCI calculations.  If the District Setting is not selected, the system analyzes average credit completion per term for each grade level then estimates whether a student can complete the remaining credits in the time left.  

With District Setting option selected the CCI calculation uses the on track/off track logic.  More information is available in the Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard article.