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Recently Shipped Items

Data Validations

  • A new feature allows data rules to be defined
  • Data is validated on a daily basis automatically or on-demand
  • Summary email is sent to users
  • Data Validation Results page display the results
  • Currently in BETA...shared feedback is much appreciated!

Contact Management

  • New Parent Data Confirmation Contact Options
  • Contact Linking
  • Aeries Communication Notification Preferences can be set from the Contacts page

Attendance Management

  • Quick access to attendance data for all students
  • Verification tab allows unverified absences to be cleared quickly
  • Mass Add tab allows for mass adding absence codes and Attendance Notes to a group of students 

Street Address Management

  • Displays a list of students and their associated address and any address issues
  • Address Validations are made using the Street table or Decision Instie
  • Address Search is available with a Keep Students button
  • Functions tab allows for a Mass Validate process

Query Extended Fields

  • Allows users to easily query Student Indicator Details from Aeries Analytics

CALPADS Changes/State Course Code Transition Page

  • Several new Course (CRS), Master Schedule (MST) and Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) fields and codes have been updated for the 2019/2020 school year.
  • New Course Code Transition page available to help populate the new State Course codes.

Coming Soon (available for preview at the conference)

Generic 2-Factor Authentication

  • Works with any provider that works with OTP (one-time passwords), and/or email

SAML Authentication

  • Easily make Aeries an Identity Provider for other 3rd-party applications

Academic Plan Enhancements

  • Courses from the transcript and currently scheduled courses automatically display on the plan
  • 7-year plans are now possible

Future Ideas highlights...

Redesigned Contacts Table

  • Separating out Contact data (like name, phone, email) from Relationship data (like ed rights, allow portal access) to two tables. This will allow for uniquely identifying a "person"
  • Ability to link the same contact record to multiple students, so changes need to only be made in one place
  • Ability to "merge" contacts
  • Backwards compatibility with existing CON table structure. Possibly a SQL "view"

Skills Mastery

  • A new feature in Aeries that allows educators to assess students based on their competence, persistence, motivation, and decision-making skills instead of their cognitive abilities.
  • Allows customization of Rubric Values
  • Ability to add unlimited skills
  • Ability to group skills for targeting assessment

Parent Portal Navigation redesign

  • Redesigned navigation for parents/students
  • Redesigned home page for parents/students including ability to view multiple student data.
  • This could also extend functionality to the home pages of all users allowing for better widgets

Data Validation further enhancements

  • Student-related page showing results
  • On-screen alerts right after records get saved
  • Ability to share validation definitions between customers
  • Allow Aeries to push out new and update existing default validation rules easily.
  • More pre-built data validation definitions

Discontinue Aeries Client and AdminCS

  • Includes a new method of updating the database