Titan School Solutions is an Aeries Partners in Education. They provide school lunch point of sale systems, meal applications, and more and they integrate with Aeries by utilizing the Aeries API to obtain student information. The parent portal also provides a link to Titan which provides Single-Sign-On (SSO) from the Aeries Parent Portal into Titan's system, eliminating the need for parents to create accounts on multiple systems to pay for meals or manage their account.

Configuring Titan for SSO

To provide parents access to Titan via the parent portal, check the Enable Titan Parent/Student SSO checkbox in the 3rd Party System Connections page at the district level. You will also need to enter the API Key and Secret Key provided by Titan.

In addition, the Parents portal group will need Read permissions to Titan

Once enabled, parents will see a Titan icon in the navigation.

Once the parent clicks the icon, a new window will open and they will be automatically logged into Titan's system. From here, the parent can work with Titan system.

API Configuration

A new API certificate will need to be created on the API Security page in Aeries to grant Titan access to pull your district's data. Titan should be able to provide the specific security areas they need access to. Consult our API Security documentation for details on creating the API key for Titan.