Session Description

“Secondary Standards Based Grades” is a session on best practices in grading, focusing specifically on the benefits of using standards-based grade reporting at the secondary level. This session provides step-by-step guidance on establishing a Secondary Standards Based Grades Report Card. Please note that this course is specifically designed and tailored to meet the needs of secondary level educators and administrators seeking to enhance their grading practices.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Explain the process of creating standards and associating them with specific courses in Aeries for Secondary Standards Based Grade Reporting 

  • Compare and contrast the key differences between Secondary Standards Based Grade Reporting and traditional Secondary Grade Reporting 

  • Illustrate the process of building and managing standards, assigning standards to courses, and enabling Secondary Standards Based Grade Reporting while configuring mark types 

  • Demonstrate the steps for initializing a Secondary Standards Based Grade Reporting Cycle and entering marks for Secondary SBG report cards 

  • Perform the process of finalizing the Secondary SGB reporting cycle, including updating totals, printing report cards, and generating related reports 

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