The Student Documents page can be used to upload and manage documentation related to a student.  The uploaded documents will be stored in the Documents (DOC) table.  Supported document files include MS Word documents, Text file, MS EXCEL or PDF files.

The Student Documents page can be accessed from Student Data | Other on the Navigation tree or from View All Forms.

Select Student Documents and the following page will display.



  • Users will need Read permissions to the Student Documents permission to view documents
  • Read and Insert to Add a document 
  • Read and Update to Modify a document 
  • Users will need Delete permissions to delete a document

Tables and Fields

The table and fields associated with the Student Documents page are:

DOC.DT - Date                                              • DOC.GR - Grade

DOC.NM – Document Name                          • DOC.XT – Document Extension

DOC.CT - Category                                       • DOC.SCT – SubCateogry

DOC.TY – Related to                                     • DOC.LK - Lock

DOC.UN – Uploaded By Name                      

Add a Document

To add a document for a student, click the mouse on the Add New Record button.

The page will display in edit mode. Click the mouse on the Choose File button to browse to the document.

A Choose File to Upload box will display. Click the mouse on the document to be added and then click the mouse on the Open button.

The document will show next to the Choose File area. To upload the document click on the Upload button. 

A message will display "Document uploaded", click the Close button.  Click Cancel to cancel the upload.

Click the Save icon to save the document.

The document will be added to the Student Documents form for the selected student. The Date and Grade fields will default to today’s date and the students current grade but can be changed.

The Document Name will default with the selected documents name but can be changed if needed by typing in the Document Name field. 

A document category can be added to the document. Click the mouse on the Document Category to display the default categories.  Select a Document Category from the dropdown. Additional Document Category codes can be added to the COD table for table DOC and field CT.

The SubCategory field can be used to add a secondary category for the document. The SubCategory field values are stored in the Code table for table DOC and field SCT.

The Document Related to field can be used to notate what type of document has been uploaded. The values in the dropdown list are hardcoded.

Selecting the Lock option will prevent the document from being modified or deleted. The Uploaded by field will display the login name of the user who uploaded the document.

The Student Document page will now display the document information.


The Student Documents page has an option Only show Current Grade. If a student has documents for other grade levels, selecting this option will limit the page to only show documents related to the students current grade level. 

All of the Student Documents page headers have the ability to be sorted by clicking on the header names.


View a Document

To View a document, click the mouse on the document icon under the View column and the document will display.

Modify a Document

To Modify document information, click the mouse on the edit icon.

The document information will display in edit mode. Make any changes and then click the mouse on the Save icon.

Delete a Document

To delete a document, click the mouse on the edit icon next to the document record. Next click the mouse on the Delete icon.


After clicking on the delete icon, the following confirmation will display. Clicking on OK will delete the record.


Intervention Document

The Student Document page in has the ability to connect a document to the Intervention page for a student.  

Any document added on the Student documents page that has a Related to value of INV will display for the student on the Student Documents page and will also display on the Intervention page for the student.

The Interventions page will show a Documents tab on the left side of the page. Any document that was added on the Student Documents page with a Related to value of INV will display under the Interventions Documents tab.

Additionally, a student document can be uploaded on the Interventions page by clicking on the Documents tab.

The Student documents upload page will display. Click on Add New Record to add a new document for the student. Any document uploaded for a student on the Interventions page will automatically populate the Related to field with INV.


Note: A document that is uploaded on the Interventions page can be managed through the Intervention page documents tab or on the Student Documents page. 

Student Document List

The Student Document List is a report that lists a students document information.  The report can be run from the Student Documents page for a single student or from View All Reports for all students. The following is an example of the report.