Session Description

Looking to streamline your billing and payments process? Look no further! “Aeries Financials – Tuition Billing, Donations Management, and Payments System” is here to fulfill your wish. This course will guide you through the powerful features of Aeries Financials, providing a seamless transaction experience within the Aeries Portals for administrators, parents, and students.  

Session Content

In this session participants will: 

  • Explore ways to efficiently process payments using the Aeries Financials system, to track, and oversee payee accounts 

  • Learn the options available for upgrading the system to include fundraising and donation collection channels, ensuring transparency and accountability 

  • Apply the knowledge and skills gained to start processing payments immediately using the Aeries Financials system 

  • Navigate the Aeries Financials interface proficiently, setting up payment options and optimizing the system for a smooth and secure transaction process 

  • Utilize the tools provided within the Aeries platform to effectively manage tuition billing, donations, and payments

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