Session Description

In “Attendance Setup and Configuration”, participants will learn how to effectively set up and configure attendance options for daily and period attendance. They will also gain knowledge of the timelines and procedures required for maintaining accurate attendance records. The session covers a range of topics including using the Attendance Dashboard to manage attendance tasks throughout the school year, setting up traditional and multi-track school calendars, configuring school terms, and maintaining attendance codes. This session is essential for school administrators, attendance clerks, and any educational professionals responsible for maintaining attendance records.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Set up bell schedules and block schedule calendars for a new school year 

  • Explain the process of initializing attendance for a new school year 

  • Configure No-Show codes and drop students as No Shows when necessary 

  • Access various reports related to attendance 

  • Summarize the key aspects of attendance setup and configuration 

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Session Presentation

See attached for session Outline and Notes