Session Description

In “Summer School Management”, participants will learn how to effectively manage their summer school programs. Summer School Course Requests is a system in Aeries that allows schools to define their Summer School Terms and available Summer School Courses in the current, active database. This enables districts to delay the creation of a summer school database until right before summer school begins.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Describe the process of defining summer school terms and creating summer school courses using the Aeries Summer School module 

  • Recall the steps for utilizing the new Summer School Course Requests area within the Aeries system 

  • Summarize the benefits of a streamlined enrollment process and its impact on the need for pre-enrollment in summer school programs 

  • Discuss practical strategies for optimizing the summer school course request and scheduling process using the Aeries Summer School module 

  • Identify key skills required to effectively manage and transition from the regular academic year to summer school using Aeries Summer School tools 

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