The Enrollment Update tab will create SENR (Student Enrollment), SINF (Student Information) and SPRG (Student Programs) files to submit to CALPADS. Used for Fall 1 and Fall 2 and EOY submissions. 

The SELA (Student English Language Acquisition) file can also be created.  The Enrollment Update files are also needed to submit to CALPADS to close out records for the school year.

Note:  Before creating files, verify the settings on the Other Options, Code Translations and Schools tab.

Extract Only Data Changes  This option will look for any dates after the date you enter in the following Tables and Fields – STU, ENR, PGM, CSE, LAC and FRE.  Any students having a date after the date you enter in these fields will have all data for that student extracted. This is to ensure that all data about a student is comprehensively reported to CALPADS.

Extract SINF File for ALL Students - This option will allow the creation of the SINF extract for all students. This option is available for districts that mass change data (ex: SQL or Aeries Queries) that affects the SINF information but does not update the LGD or ADH tables. This new file will extract all students.  The Extract SINF File for ALL Students button is optional and not necessary to run for most districts. The regular SINF file extracts students with changes that are logged in the Log Details (LGD) table and the Address History (ADH) table.

Click on the Information icon for more details:

For more information on the SINF file:  FAQ - SINF Fatal Errors

Note:  Effective 2019/2020, the Student Information (SINF) extract has been adjusted to help prevent CALPADS errors when changes are made to specific fields. The SINF extract will ignore the date of the change from the CALPADS Log Details (LGD table) and instead use the student enrollment start date. This will apply to the following absolute fields where data should not be changing for a student: Student Birth Date (STU.BD), Student Birth City (STU.BCY), Student Birth State (STU.BST), Student Birth Country (STU.BCU), Student Ethnicity (STU.ETH), Student Race (STU.RC1-RC5), and US School Enter Date (LAC.USS).

Do not extract dates in the future (SENR only) - This option has been added if students need to complete the CAASPP test (TOMS) within the last two weeks of the school year.  This option will exclude exit reasons (ex: E155) and dependent info from the SENR file.  Using this option will ensure the student is active in TOMS.  

Note:  We verified with CALPADS that SPRG records with future dates will not cause a problem when using this option.

NOTE: It is important that a full SENR is submitted to close out the enrollments for the school year.


The Create Enrollment Update Files button will create the SENR, SINF and SPRG files for the selected schools.

New options have been added for the SPRG file:

The following options can be used for local verification purposes and should NOT be submitted to CALPADS.  Only the full SPRG file should be submitted.  

  • SPRG –will include all programs including the FRE – NSLP programs (181 and 182).  This is the normal option that should be used the majority of the time.
  • SPRG w/o FRE - will exclude the FRE – NSLP programs (181 and 182).  This option can be used at the beginning of the school year during the 30-day carryover period before any FRE records have been submitted.
  • SPRG only FRE - will include only the FRE – NSLP programs (181 and 182).  This option can be used to verify FRE records.

The Create Student Language Acquisition File button will create the SELA file.  The SELA file will only include students with grade levels of Kindergarten through 12, Ungraded Elementary and Ungraded Secondary.

Before creating the SELA extract, the SELA Import Process must be run.  For more information on the SELA Import Process, refer to the following:


SINF Process Changes for 20-21

At the request of the CDE and CALPADS in February 2021, the SINF process started transitioning to take Guardian information from the Contacts table, instead of using the Parent Guardian (STU.PG) and Parent Education Level (STU.PED) fields on the Student Demographics table. In addition, they requested that a student's Mailing Address always be sent to CALPADS, not the Residential Address. There are several reasons for these changes: 

  • Separating the Guardian's First Name and Last Name into separate fields allows more accurate matching with a variety of state and federal databases, including SNAP, Foster system, etc.  
  • The Student's mailing address is needed for testing assessment mailing information. 
  • CDE confirmed that the Direct Certification process matches on the parent's mailing address, so this change should not results in fewer matches. 
  • Other California agencies will be using the student mailing address in CALPADS to send direct COVID benefits that they student/parent may be qualified to receive.
  • Eventually, the Education Level for both Guardian 1 and Guardian 2 will be submitted to CALPADS instead of the current Parent/Guardian Highest Education Level. This will allow the planned Cradle To Career Initiative, linking all student longitudinal databases leverage this information to allow colleges to identify students who qualify for various admission programs. This is scheduled to take place in the 22-23

Homeless students who do not have a stable mailing address available should have either the District's address or School's address entered as the student's Mailing Address. This will allow the school to distribute any official mailings directly to the student and/or parent.

Please see the following document for more information on this process: