Aeries SIS has developed a CSV extract process based on the OneRoster® 1.1 specification. OneRoster is a standard for securely exchanging data between student information systems (SIS) and other applications such as Learning Management Systems (LMS). More information is available on the IMS Global website:

OneRoster data can be extracted from Aeries using (1) SFTP for scheduled data transfers, (2) the Aeries API for instant data access, or (3) via an emailed file (primarily used for testing). The process for setting up scheduled file transfers via SFTP or generating a testing email is detailed below. The process for setting up API access to OneRoster data requires a bit more configuration and is detailed in the documentation located here OneRoster API Setup.

By using the OneRoster standard, Aeries can ensure interoperability with other vendors that have implemented or will implement the same standard.


The steps described in this section can only be completed by an Aeries Administrator.

To configure the extract, first go to the OneRoster v1.1 Configuration page under School Info | Imports and Exports in the navigation tree.

SFTP Vendors

The OneRoster CSV extract can be sent to multiple third-party vendors. Each vendor must have a file server that supports file transfer using the SSH File Transfer Protocol (also known as Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP). Click the Add Vendor button to configure a vendor to receive the extract.

Enter the following information, then click Save:

Vendor Name
The name of the vendor
SFTP Server
SFTP Server name or IP address
SFTP Directory
If you want the files to upload to a folder other than the root, then put in the folder name that is already on the SFTP site.
Port number (default for SFTP is port 22)
Username to connect to the SFTP server
Password to connect to the SFTP server
Confirm Password
Confirm Password

Extract Files

Select the files that should be included in the extract.

Extract Schools

Select the schools that should be included in the extract

Scheduled Process

Configure the following values for the scheduled process:

Days to run SFTP
Days of the week to run the scheduled extract
Time of day to run the scheduled extract on the selected day(s)
Email Address
Address to receive a confirmation email when the process completes. Multiple email addresses can be entered, separated by commas.
Scheduled Process Button
Disable or Enable the scheduled extract process

Additional Options

There are additional options that can be configured to choose the Aeries field that will be used to populate certain fields in OneRoster.

Note: These additional options apply to the CSV extract and the API.

User.sourcedId - Choose the Aeries field that will be used to populate the sourcedId (i.e., unique id) for students and teachers. It is NOT recommended to change these values from the defaults (Student ID and Staff ID) without a very compelling reason. If you change this setting, a warning message will appear.

User.username - Choose the Aeries field that will be used to populate the username for OneRoster for students and teachers.

User.userIds - Create a custom identifier that will be used to populate the userIds for OneRoster for students and teachers. The identifier name can be any text such as "fed" or "ldap". Use the drop-down list to choose the Aeries field to be used as the identifier value.

Academic Session School Year - By default, the schoolYear element for an Academic Session is based on the School Calendar (DAY table). For instance, if the first day of the school's calendar is in 2017, then the schoolYear would be 2018 according to the OneRoster specification. For a summer school in the same database, with the first day of the school calendar in 2018, the schoolYear would be 2019. The Use Current Database Year option changes this behavior. If this option is checked, then the schoolYear will be the same for ALL schools in the database, based on the database academic year. For instance, for ALL schools in the DST17000 database, the schoolYear would be 2018 regardless of individual schools' calendars.

After completing the form, click Save to save the options. Next, click Run Now and Email to run the extract and to receive an email with the zip file attached instead of sending it to vendors. This is useful for testing the process. Once you are ready to upload the files to vendors, use the Run Now and Upload option.

Note: The zip file can be quite large depending on which CSV files are included (results.csv in particular tends to be very large if many teachers are using the Aeries Gradebook). Your email service may limit the maximum attachment size, and for this reason you may not receive the expected notification email.

Note: Be sure to Save the settings before running the extract; otherwise, the extract will be run with the previously saved settings.

When you are ready to schedule the extract to run on a regular basis, click Enable Scheduled Process and then click Save again. Now the process will run on the schedule you have specified and automatically upload the zip file containing the CSV files to the vendor(s).

Extract Specification

This section is intended both for Aeries Administrators and for vendors receiving the OneRoster CSV extract from Aeries.

Aeries currently supports most, but not all, of the files in the OneRoster 1.1 specification. Detailed information about the file specifications is available on the IMS Global website:

All files are created using the bulk processing method. The extract from Aeries does not currently support any delta processing.

The SFTP transfer will include a single zip archive named that contains all of the csv files.

File Name
Aeries Table
Terms (TRM)
Gradebook Assignment Types (GBT)
Master Schedule (MST) - secondary schools and Elem w/MST schools

Teachers (TCH) - elementary schools

Courses (CRS)

Student Data (STU)
Schools with Master Schedule:
Student Class Schedules (SEC) - schools with Master Schedule
Course Attendance Record (CAR) - schools with Master Schedule

Schools without Master Schedule:
Student Data (STU)
Teachers (TCH)
Staff (STF)
Gradebook Assignments (GBA)
Schools (LOC)

Gradebook Scores (GBS)
Student Role:
Student Data (STU)
Portal Accounts (PWA)

Parent Role:
Contacts (CON)
Portal Accounts (PWA)

Teacher Role:
Teachers (TCH)
Staff (STF)
User Names (UGN)