Generating an API connection to integrate with a supported third-party product is easy!  Follow these steps:

1. Login to your Aeries website as an admin

2. Go to Security, API Security

3. Select the “Add New Record” button

4. Enter the product name and any comment you’d like

5. Select the checkbox next to “Display Certificate Details”

You’ll provide the Certificate along with your Aeries base URL* to the vendor so that they can connect to the Aeries API.

*The "base URL" is the entire web address of your Aeries system leading up to the part that says "/Login.aspx" or "/LoginParent.aspx" (before logging in).

In this example, the highlighted text is the "base URL." Your own base URL will be different.

For hosted customers, your base URL can be like any of the following (replace "yourdistrictname" with your actual assigned URL address):