Aeries Revision Notes 9/15/2023

New Features

  • Mobile - The old mobile-friendly version of Aeries has been removed. This limited set of pages predates the current Portal experience and also predates our mobile apps for iOS and Android.  As it was already obsolete, its removal should have no impact on users.

California Specific

  • CALPADS Extracts - See CALPADS 2023-2024 Changes

    • The page now supports the new three-character language codes for the 2023-2024 school year, which will be effective 9/19/2023. The translations will automatically be added to the cross-reference table (XRF). See new What are the new CALPADS Language Codes?  .

    • The Parent Education Level is now extracted from the Ed Level field on the Contacts page (CON.ELV) for both parents according to the Codes Identifying Parent/Guardian in Contacts (CON.CD) setting on District Settings, due to changes in the CALPADS state requirements. If the district setting is blank, primary contacts are extracted. See Managing Contacts/Identifying Guardians for SINF Extract.

    • The Get Parent/Guardian Information from STU.PG and STU.PED (instead of CON) option is now disabled due to the changed requirements. 

    • A date picker was added allowing users to select the date on which changes are submitted. The default date can be changed as needed. 

    • Effective 9/19/2023, the Student Enrollment extract includes the new Graduation Exemption Indicator in column 1.35, indicating whether a student graduated with an exemption from local graduation requirements, which is extracted from the new Graduation Exemption field (STU.GEX) on Demographics > Student Data 2

Issues Resolved

  • Student Data Audit Report - This report was including errors regarding ID and State ID/Unique ID from schools that had been deselected from the options, fixed.

  • Vision Screening State Report - For Texas users, all Screening (VSN.SCN) codes were registering as Auto Screening Device codes, causing incorrect column counts, fixed. 

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