Aeries Revision Notes 9/7/2023

New Features

  • Ed-Fi - The Course Transcripts entity did not return records, fixed. Now all transcript records that will be sent to the Ed-Fi ODS are listed when you click Sync All Entities.

  • Student Directory Report - The Student Directory Report options have been updated to support up to 26 defined tracks. 

  • Texas State Reporting - For Texas users, the Service ID fields are now updated to use the code set for the 2023-2024 school year per the TEA data standards. 

California Specific

  • CALPADS Extracts

    • The programs were updated to use the CALPADS V.15 code set for the 2023-2024 school year. 

    • The Load SSID process did not honor the Overwrite Existing SSIDs... option for students whose state student ID (STU.CID) was already populated, fixed. The Language Assessment fields (LAC.EAD, LAC.EAC) and Special Education fields (CSE.SWD) are now updated from the CALPADS SSID file even for students whose state student ID is already populated. 

  • Class Roster Report - The roster will now display the SSA Date asterisk for Elementary schools.

Issues Resolved

  • Class Rosters - When adding date fields to the roster the field was being cut off due to formatting to 4-digit year, fixed.

  • Master Schedule - The Section Staff field references on the Master Schedule were pointing to SSM instead of SSE, fixed.

  • System Wide - The warning popup which informs a user their session will soon expire was appearing 10-20 minutes earlier than expected, fixed.

  • Student Data - The Programs section at the top of student related screens was not showing user-defined code descriptions when they exist, fixed. The Programs page itself has always displayed user-defined code descriptions when they exist.

  • Immunizations - Updated the Table Field Overlay for the Boosters tab to list the Immunizations Boosters (IMB) fields.

  • Language Assessment Data Report - For Texas users, the Language Assessment Data report will now display "TX School" for Texas districts instead of "CA School".

After installing version 9/7 over version 8/17 and running Update SQL Databases, GEX field was not added to the STU table in any year. Had to create run ALTER TABLE script with the GEX definition from the latest SQLModel.sql to add the field.

@Roger Sauer
Thank you for reporting the issue. We will take a look and resolve it as soon as possible.

Hi Roger,

Using the Force an Update option will add new fields also when running the Update Aeries SQL Databases process.

However, the documentation states that Force an Update is not necessary, and this would have been the first time since Update Aeries SQL Databases was introduced that I would have needed to select it. Unfortunately, I didn't know I would need it until after updating and, of course, the Update option was gone from navigation--and I didn't remember the exact name of the aspx to run it manually. Hence, the use of the ALTER TABLE script.

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