Aeries Revision Note 8/24/2023

New Features

  • Active Students Report by School and Grade - The report now supports Flex Scheduling Primary Class Tracking. See Flex Elementary reports/pages development status.

  • Early Childhood Education - For California users, the EESD 9600 application and CDD801A extract now support the 2023-2024 income guidelines. Also, the download button for CDD801A, ROP, and TOPS Pro Extracts is now displayed without obstruction. See Early Childhood Development EESD application.

  • Demographics > Student Data 2 - For California users, the Graduation Exemption field was added (STU.GEX) allowing users to indicate whether the student is exempt from graduation requirements per California SB 532. The field is only enabled if the Comp Status - Code field (STU.HSG) is set to a code that translates to CALPADS Code 100 (Graduated, Standard HS Diploma) in the Cross-Reference table. This field will be included in the CALPADS SENR extract.  See CALPADS in Aeries Basics - Student Data Fields

  • Texas State Reporting (Fall PEIMS) 

    • The new Texas First Early HS Completion element (E1736) is now included in the StudentEnrollment extract. The value is extracted from the Reason field (ACT.RS) on the Activities and Awards page when the Code field is set to TEC. See StudentEnrollment Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules.

    • The extract had the potential to report an incorrect endorsement for leavers whose current year endorsement is different than the prior year endorsement, fixed.

Issues Resolved

  • Texas State Reporting (Fall PEIMS) - The FHSP Distinguished Level of Achievement Indicator was extracted for students who did not have a graduation type code indicating FHSP participation, fixed. The element is no longer extracted for students unless they have a graduation type code of 34, 35, 54, 55, 56, or 57.

  • Special Programs - For Texas users, the At-Risk Indicator (PGM.CD = 409) did not display the correct start date when manually set, fixed. (14768 - Issues Resolved) (JS)

Database Changes

  • Student Data (STU) - Added the new Graduation Exemption (GEX) field.

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