Aeries Revision Note 8/17/2023

New Features

  • Resource Hub - The Resource Hub was added to the main navigation for most pages. This feature allows users, including teachers, to access links to all helpful Aeries resources in one place. The Resource Hub is not available to parents and students. See Resource Hub.

  • Student Import - Users can now extract a list of incoming registrations by clicking the Export to Excel button. - See Aeries Online Enrollment Importing Students

    • The Student Name column includes Enrollment ID. 

    • The Registration Date can be formatted in Excel to include the time of day when the registration was completed. The default format is MM/DD/YYYY, but the user can change the column format in Excel to use a custom format such as MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS.

    • The link to edit the Online Enrollment Settings is now hidden for users without permissions to edit School Options.

  • Ed-Fi Code Mappings - Codes for Academic Subject Descriptor (CRS.S1) can now be mapped to local subject codes based on graduation requirements (REQ).

  • Financials - All references to the Target Date field (FTS.TD) were removed, as this date was removed from Livingtree. This change solves a sync issue. See Introduction to Aeries Financials

  • Portal Options - See Parent Data Confirmation Setup

    • The Only Show Income Survey if it has not been completed on or after this date option was renamed to Require Income Survey if it has not been completed on or after this date allowing schools to hide the Income Survey if the parent completed the survey by the specified date. 

    • A new option called Skip the Income Survey when the survey has been completed on or after the date specified was added, allowing the option to hide the Income Survey in the Parent Data Confirmation if the survey has been conducted on or after a selected date. 

  • Parent Data Confirmation - See Viewing Data Confirmation as a Parent

    • The Parent Data Confirmation process now honors the Require if Income Survey has been completed on or after this date option on Portal Options

  • CALPADS Extracts - For California users, the extract now supports the latest SSID file layout, including the new Student Initial US School Enrollment Date K-12 field. 

  • Demographics - For Texas users, the date on which the student met the truancy indicator for excessive unexcused absences can now be entered in the Truant Met Date on the Student Data 2 tab. The date is only displayed when the Truant field is set to Yes.

  • TREx Export - For Texas users, the schema is now updated to use the latest TEA specification 1.34.


Since the update of 08/17/2023 the student import is not showing students.  I have tried following the instructions and it is totally blank.  Any ideas on how to get this to function for our sites?

Hi  Brooke,

Can you submit a Support ticket and we can look into this issue for you?

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