Known Issue - Unable to save School Enter Date changes as of 8/8/2023 - FIXED 8/11/23

As of the 8/8/2023 update, the School Enter Date (STU.ED) is unable to save changes. 

We will update this post when a fix is released. 

Workaround: Users can use the CHANGE button or a CHANGE query to change dates in STU.ED.  CHANGE STU ED TO xx/xx/xxxx IF ID = XXXXXX 

UPDATE: A fix was released in the 8.11 update.

  • Demographics - For California users, the school enter date field would no longer save as of the 8.8 release, fixed.

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Will the Change button work as well?

Yes Luella, the CHANGE button will work as well. Thank you and I have updated the Known Issue with that suggestion. 

We also noticed that All users now have access to the the Edit Online Enrollment Settings on the upper right hand corner of the Import screen.  See attached.

Thank you Moises. The following idea/bug was created for users to follow and I have subscribed you to it for updates.

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