Online Enrollment Update 08/10/2023

APIThe APIs have been updated to work with the new Online Enrollment Student List page in Aeries Web.

does the following message have to do with the update you forgot to set a message when selecting show all ?

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"You forgot to set a message" keeps popping up and I've read all the literature on this new feature and no mention of setting up anything.  Schools can't import or navigate the page.

We are getting the same message "You forgot to set a message" and are dead in the water for online enrollment.


I did not know about this update either; and get the same message when clicking on show all.

Where do I go to learn what to do in settings?

I had that message, but then updated AIR and ran the grant permission roles on 8/17.  What I am having a problem with now is that in Aeries on the Import screen, it does not filter using the top items any more.  I am at a preschool and want to filter for all residence schools and it will not do that.  When I try to change it to All Schools, it goes back to Residence School.   When I try to filter on names below, it shows the same name for "Deleted", "Partial", "Imported", etc.  The top filters are not working at all. 

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