Known Issue - CALPADS SSID Import Issue as of 8/8/2023 - Fixed 8/17/2023


This issue has been fixed as of the 8/17/2023 update.  Here are the Revision Notes:

  • CALPADS Extracts - For California users, the extract now supports the latest SSID file layout, including the new Student Initial US School Enrollment Date K-12 field.

CALPADS email dated 8/13/2023:

Dear Vendors:

In the last CALPADS release, the Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) Extract file was updated with the following changes:

  • Added new Student Initial US School Enrollment Date K-12 element
  • Added the ability to request the SSID extract by SSID create date

These changes are included in the posted CALPADS Extract Specification v15.0 (effective July 1, 2023).

Although these changes were discussed in several vendor meetings months ago, the CALPADS Operations Office failed to let vendors know the specific date these were being pushed into production. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Known Issue

As of 8/8/2023, the CALPADS SSID Extract layout changed and a new data element was added to the end of the file.  This is causing the Aeries SSID Import to not import new SSIDs.

The Aeries SSID Import process needs to be adjusted for the CALPADS SSID Extract layout change.  Programming will be working on this ASAP.

Users may also add themselves to the following Aeries Idea/Bug for notifications.

CALPADS SSID Import Issue as of 8/8/2023

NOTE:  A work-around is available in the pdf attached to this post.  Detailed directions are provided to manipulate file so that it can be imported into Aeries before the Aeries fix is available.


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I followed the directions and get an error.  I will submit a ticket.

When using notepad++, make sure you position your cursor/click at the beginning of the file before running the replace . This worked for me but the first time I ran it I realized it changed half of the file and it was because my cursor was not at the beginning.

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Any idea when this will be fixed?

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Any update on when this will be fixed?

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We only use Chrome so I do not have Windows and cannot download Notepad.  Do you know when this issue will be resolved or do you have another workaround Chrome users can use in the meantime?  I'm really falling behind here.  I can't send anything to TOMS so we can't test students. is blocked, so I can't download Notepad++. Yesterday, I used the matching tool followed all of the steps only to not be able to upload the file from Calpads. So, today I did it the old fashioned way and got 5 pages of MIDS. This is a mess and time consuming, I hope Aeries fixes this ASAP.

Considering most schools have started and people are trying to get the beginning of the year SSIDs, I would hope this is a priority....Since it's been broken for well over a week now, doesn't feel like it is. 

I downloaded Notepad++ at home to avoid my district's firewall. This morning I used the workaround and it it worked. 

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