Aeries Revision Note 8/4/2023

New Features

  • Immunizations Letter Text Editor - The page was added to allow districts or schools to create customized text for immunizations letters, including the top and bottom portions of the letter. The letter editor page will be used in conjunction with the existing Student Immunization Status Report.  

  • Student Immunization Status Report - The Generate Notifications button was added allowing letters to be printed for students with missing and/or expired exemptions. Administer permission to the Immunizations is required. See Immunization Letters

  • Independent Study Agreements - A pop-up message is now displayed to allow users to send a reminder email message to all eligible signatories when the status of an agreement is set to Pending. See Independent Study Agreements.

  • Scheduling Master - Improvements have been made to prevent a page time out, when the school is Flex Scheduling or using section staff only, and the calendar and term tables (DAY, TRM) are not set up. 

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS Extended) - The PriorYearBilingualESLSummer element was removed from StudentProgram extract in accordance to the latest TWEDS updates. 

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