Aeries Revision Note 7/27/2023

New Features

  • Student Immunization Status Report - The Students with Expired Exemptions option was added allowing users to generate a list of students with an exemption that expired on or before the selected process date. 

  • Master Schedule - In Flex schools, the Flex Period (MST.FSQ) and Class Calendar (MST.CSQ) fields can no longer be set to None for active sections if they had a pre-existing value. See Flex Scheduling - Master Schedule

  • Independent Study Agreements - On the Signatories tab, the Account Details dropdown now includes the staff member linked to the student based on the Staff field on Special Education (CSE.SI). 

  • Gradebook - On the Final Marks tab for Standards Based gradebooks, the Check Mark (TY = 4) and Other Comments Graded 1-5 (TY = 5) sections were removed because these marks are not used when grading gradebook assignments or when displaying the Overall Gradebook mark. See Gradebook - Final Marks.

  • Scheduling Setup - The Scheduling students into classes for the next school year, using their grade level next year option is no longer available for Flex Scheduling schools in order to prevent these schools from reverting back to traditional scheduling. See Flex Scheduling - Scheduling Setup

  • CALPADS Extracts - For California users, the SPRG Reconciliation extract no longer creates Removals and Exits records for 504 Plans that span multiple years unless the SPRG 504 Plans... option is selected.

Texas Specific

  • School Options, Master Schedule, and Early Childhood Development - The Pre-K School Type field list was updated to use the latest TSDS DC152 code set. 

  • Ed-Fi Pilot - The Emergent Bilingual Set was added to the  StudentEducationOrganizationAssociation entity. 

  • Demographics - The School Enter Date field is no longer displayed for Texas users. The Entry Date field on Enrollment History (ENR.ED) is used for this purpose. 

Issues Resolved

  • Student Import - The Digital Signature, Survey Completed Date, and Source fields on the Language Assessment page were populated during the student import process when Online Enrollment was set up to skip the Language survey, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting - For Texas users, the Unique ID Assignment process under the Assign Unique ID tab was not generating a batch file, fixed.

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