Aeries Revision Note 7/13/2023

New Features

  • Language Assessment 

    • The Source field was added to the Home Language Survey section allowing the user to specify the survey completion method. 

    • A digital signature was added to the Home Language Survey section that is displayed when the record is imported from the Online Enrollment. Any changes to the data will invalidate the parent's digital signature and the digital signature will no longer display. See Home Language Survey in Aeries Online Enrollment  and Language Assessment or Texas - Language Assessment

  • No Show Setup

    • A district-level option Use District Options for all Schools was added allowing district settings to be locked at the school level. See Texas - No Show Setup or CA No Show Setup

    • For Texas users, the Require Student Leave Date and Default Leave Date options were removed as they are not needed.

  • Immunizations 

    • Exemption Expiration Date fields were added for all vaccine exemptions. The existing Exemption Dates will now be used as the Exemption Effective Date.

    • A Comment text area was added for 7th grade TDap. 

  • Attendance Log Report - The Include Submission Log option is now displayed when sorting the report by teacher, which allows the date, time, user name, and ID of the teacher entering the attendance data and any individual making changes to the data to display with the student’s attendance log record.  See Attendance Log Report.

  • Civil Rights Data Collection

California Specific

  • Electronic Score Report Manager - The page did not allow test score PDF files to print when the user did not already print any other report, fixed.

  • No Show Manager - The Leave Date can now be changed whether or not a default date is defined on No Show Setup.

  • CALPADS Extracts - The SSID Match tool did not match students using the Reporting Home School (STU.HS), fixed. The tool now matches students using the school code and the home school if populated. 

Texas Specific

  • TSDS Ed-Fi Pilot - The Dyslexia Risk, Dyslexia Services, and Dyslexia Screening Exception Reason sets were added to the StudentEducationOrganizationAssociation entity. The descriptor mapping and associated codes values were updated for each set. 

  • No Show Manager 

    • Three filter options were added allowing users to select students who meet these conditions: 

      • Absent First Day of Enrollment (default)

      • All Active Students

      • Marked as "No Show"

    • The page now honors the new Use District Options for all Schools option, preventing schools from changing district settings. 

    • The Update Enrollment to Start on First Day of Attendance option no longer processes students who were not present before the current date, which prevents enrollment from being updated for students who have never attended. 

    • The Mark Selected Students as Summer Leavers option was renamed to Leavers/Movers and now includes all leaver and mover reasons.
      See Texas - No Show Manager.

  • Demographics - The Leaver field (STU.LVR) was renamed to Leaver/Mover and now includes all leaver and mover reasons.  

Issues Resolved

  • No Show Manager - In the email message, the "Student's status was updated" message was displayed multiple times in some cases, fixed. 

  • Master Schedule Board, Master Schedule Board Report, Master Schedule Details Report, and Student Class Schedule Report - For schools using Flex Scheduling or Staff Sections, the page and reports displayed teachers as "Unassigned" when the current date was after the start or end date in the Staff Section table (SSE), fixed. 

  • Letter Log - In some cases District Attendance Letter records could not be deleted and Letter Audit records were not displayed correctly, fixed.

Database Changes

  • Language Assessment (LAC) - Added three new fields, Survey Completed By (HCB), Source (SRC) and Survey Signature Hash (HLH) to accommodate the new changes. 

  • Immunizations (IMM) - Added the new fields below:

    • Polio Expiration Date (PXD)

    • Diphtheria, tetanus, Pertussis Expiration Date (DXD)

    • Measles, Mumps, rubella Expiration Date (AXD)

    • Hepatitis B Expiration Date (IXD)

    • Varicella Expiration Date (VXD)

    • Haemophilus Influenzae Type B Expiration Date (YXD)

    • Hepatitis A Expiration Date (HAXD)

    • Physical Expiration Date (HEXD)

    • Pneumococcal Expiration Date (PCXD)

    • Meningococcal Expiration Date (MCXD)

    • Tdap - 7th Grade Expiration Date (TXD)

    • COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Expiration Date (CVXD)

    • TB Skin Test Expiration Date (TBXD)

    • 7th Grade Tdap Comments (TEC)

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