Known Issues - CALPADS EOY Issues as of 7/7/2023 - Updated 7/19/2023

The following issues have been identified and are currently being investigated by programming.


  • As of the 6.23 update, for some districts when the EOY extracts are being created, not all files are displaying in the File Download section until the page is refreshed.
  • Some districts have reported the files are not being generated when selecting to create the EOY Extracts for SCSC, CRSC, AND SDEM.
  • For some districts, when the EOY extracts are being created, the SDEM file gets stuck in Processing when there is no data to extract in SCSC or CRSC files.

CALPADS Summer ELPAC Testing

  • The files being created in the Summer ELPAC Testing tab have not been updated to process in the new SSID Match Tool tab. A suggested workaround is attached below. A uservoice idea has been created.

Programming is looking into the issues. We will update this document as we have more information.

The following uservoice ideas have been created. Users can add themselves to the ideas in order to receive email notifications for status changes.

CALPADS EOY "Create Course and Staff Files" button - The Staff SDEM file displays in Processing Status when there are no records and does not complete. Process needs to be adjusted to complete and display 0 records.

CALPADS Summer ELPAC Testing tab - Adjust to work with SSID Match Tool Redesign


Fixed as of the 7/19/2023 update.  Here are the Revision Notes:

  • CALPADS Extracts -
    • Since the 6.23 update, some users were not able to generate complete EOY files, including CRSC, SCSC, and SDEM, and the File Download section failed to refresh in some cases, fixed.
    • The CRSC virtual section number process was adjusted to prevent potential mismatches.


CALPADS EOY extract not displaying all files when processed


As of version 6.23, the CALPADS EOY files are getting extracted but not all files display in the File Download section until the page is refreshed.


What's the update on the EOY extracts? I have been trying to extract the EOY SDEM/CRSC/SCSC and no file gets generated. Not even after refreshing. Our district needs to post the files to certify our data for EOY.

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If you desperately need those extracts I would recommend asking Aeries support to run it for you and send it to you. That is what I had to do since I also couldn't extract those files.

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Is there a work around that we can do (self hosted) in order to generate the SDEM/CRSC/SCSC?

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