Aeries Update 6/28/2023

New Features

  • Weekly Progress Report - The email message now honors the Show Final Mark To Parent Student and Hide Overall Score From Parent Student options as set on the Gradebook Options page. 

  • Progress by Student - The gradebook report now honors the Hide Overall Score options as set on the Gradebook Options page.

  • Weekly Progress - For Aeries Communications customers, the Email now honors the Portal Option Only Show Check Marks for Assignment Scores to Parents and Students.

California Specific

  • Import Test Results - The import process has been updated to include the CAASPP 2022-2023 file layout. See Test Specific Information - CAASPP Student Test Results

  • CALPADS Extracts

    • The SINF extract has been updated to adjust the effective date of change, if the change was made after the student's last day of enrollment.

    • The Course Attributes in the CRSC extract were not correct when the "Allow Individual Sections to be Flagged for Alt Ed Scheduling" option was enabled, fixed.

Texas Specific

  • TSDS Ed-Fi Pilot

    • The StudentEducationOrganizationAssociation entity was updated to use the Texas extension set for PKProgramType and PKFundingSource. 

    • The StudentParentAssociation entity was updated to use the latest TSDS Ed-Fi Pilot standards.

  • Special Programs - The Emergent Bilingual Indicator (148) code was added to the Program drop-down list. When selected, the Program Type and Start Date are required. 

  • Texas State Reporting (Unique ID Functions) - The End of Year button was added allowing districts to run an end-of-year-process which populates blank Exit Dates in the enrollment tracking extract with the last day of the school year, even if the student will remain enrolled in the program during the rollover. The button is only enabled after the last day of the school year.  

  • TREx Import (Texas) - The Student Record import did not verify school year dates when evaluating the Homeless Indicator and extracted the wrong code in some cases, fixed. 

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