Known Issue - CCGI Extracts - Error Occurs When District Does Not Have Secondary Enrollment Code - FIXED 6/20/2023

Update:  A fix for this issue has been released in the 6/20/2023 update. Here is the Revision Note:

CCGI Extract
  • The extract failed if no Secondary Enrollments were defined in the district, due to the recent change to exclude Secondary Enrollments, fixed.

  • The extract failed when processing the TestGrades and CourseGrades files if no student was selected with Parental Consent, fixed. See Overview for CCGI

In the 5/18/2023 update we added logic to the CCGI extract to not duplicate transcript records in the Course_Grade Template when students are concurrently enrolled in 2 schools in the same district. We did this by checking the CALPADS Code Translations (XRF) for a Short Term Enrollment (20) record. Some districts do not have an XRF record at the district level where SC = 0,  TC1 = 'STU', FC1 = 'SP' and CD = '20' and this is causing an error to occur which is prohibiting the CCGI Extract from completing.

We have created a work item to fix this issue and expect to have it resolved early next week. There is also an Aeries Idea that customers can vote on (subscribe to) which will notify them on the status of the work item.

CCGI - Error Occurs When District Does Not Have Secondary Enrollment Code

When a district does not have a Secondary Enrollment code defined in the CALPADS Code Translations for enrollment (STU.SP), then an error occurs and the Course_Grade Template file cannot be created.
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