Aeries Revision Notes 6/15/2023

California Specific

  • CCGI Extract 

    • The Recompute GPA/Ranks button previously removed was re-added, allowing GPA and rank to be recomputed for each selected school. See Overview for CCGI

    • The test_grade record is no longer added to the Manifest_Template if the TestGradeTemplate is not created during the extract. 

  • Portal Options - The Housing Questionnaire no longer displays option 999-Decline To Answer Based on California Department of Education feedback.  See Portal Options - Residence Survey Changes for the CDE 2021 Housing Questionnaire

  • Parent Data Confirmation - The Decline to Answer option was removed from the Housing Questionnaire based on California Department of Education feedback. Users must now select one of the five options before proceeding. The alert message was revised accordingly.

Issues Resolved

  • Foster Survey Audit - The data in the Foster Type field was not displayed in a readable format, fixed. 

  • Military Survey Audit - The Military Survey Response of Yes was not properly displayed within the blue information box, fixed. 

  • Gradebook - Certain information was not displayed when another school in the district had only future terms, fixed. 

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