Aeries Update 6/1/2023

New Features

  • Ed-Fi - The entity syncing performance was improved.

Texas Specific

  • Ed-Fi - Multiple entity descriptors were replaced with TSDS-specific descriptors. 

  • TSDS Ed-Fi Pilot - The StaffEducationOrganizationAssociation entity now includes the SharedServiceArrangementStaffDescriptor. 

  • TREx (Student Record) 

    • The CourseGrade and CourseCredit elements are now extracted for the CurrentCoursework complex. See TREx Field Mapping.

    • The CurrentCoursework and AcademicSession complexes now include courses that were failed or completed but no credit was received. 

Issues Resolved

  • Gradebook 

    • The Details page did not display Overall Scores correctly according to the setting of the portal option Display Only marks for Teachers, parents and Students (Applies to SBG Grades and Gradebooks), fixed. 

    • The Narrative Grades dropdown did not display values for section staff teachers in some cases, fixed. 

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