Aeries Revision Note 4/6/2023

New Features

  • Update Code Table - The Code field now handles values longer than six characters. The max length is equal to the length of the selected table-field, up to 255 characters.  

Texas Specific

  • Activities and Awards - Under Performance Acknowledgement - College Readiness Assessments, additional codes were added for ACT and SAT thresholds scores, per recent updates to the Texas Administrative Code. 

  • Discipline Dashboard - The Total Number of Incidents by Race/Ethnicity graph now displays Texas Race and Ethnicity codes.

Issues Resolved

  • Transcripts - The mark average logic was incorrectly applied to courses that did not have a mark average group defined, causing the credits completed to be improperly updated, fixed. 

  • Course Requests - Newly added courses could not be retrieved in the search results when using the New Edit View, fixed. 

  • Intervention Details - The Provider and Placement fields displayed incorrect descriptions, fixed. 

  • Calendar - For Texas users, the Waiver and Waiver Minutes entered in the Default Calendar were not copied to all other tracks when requested, fixed. 

  • Calendar Minutes Detail Report - For Texas users, the Calendar Waiver Event Type and School Day Waiver did not reflect the correct code and minutes for each day when copied from the default calendar, fixed.  And the report header now displays the corresponding track letter after the numeric track code.

Can you please elaborate on the update to the code field in the Update Code Table.  I am on the 4.6.23 version and I am looking at the Code field and it does not accept 6 characters, let alone 255....

Hi, yes the revision note should clarify that the Update Code Table page now checks and limits the max length of the code field on the page to whatever the length of the corresponding field is in the database schema. 

Before this update the COD table could only hold up to 6 characters even if the corresponding field it was providing values for could hold more than 6 characters.  Now the code field will allow up to 255 characters to be entered to match the corresponding field.  So you will only be able to enter more than 6 characters if that code corresponds to a  field that allows for more than 6 characters. 

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