Aeries Revision Note 3/30/2023

New Features

  • CALPADS Extracts - For California users, the SSID Match feature was added to facilitate recent changes to the CALPADS SSID Match Results process. A SSID Requests file can be generated from the Identifiers tab, then the SSID Match Results file can be uploaded to Aeries. Once uploaded, the appropriate SSIDs can be selected for extract.  See CALPADS Extracts Identifier Tab - SSID Match Process

  • Course Request - For schools using flexible scheduling for summer school, the Sec# drop-down field now displays section staff information, including Flex Period Short Title, Staff ID, and Staff Name for each section. Also, all sections from the summer school scheduling master will now display in the section dropdown. See Summer School Scheduling

Texas Specific

  • Hearing Screening State Report - The report was added to print the results of hearing screenings between June 1 and May 31. The report matches the state M-52 Hearing Screening Report layout. 

  • Language Assessment - The State Tests tab is now available, allowing maintenance of testing information related to language program participation. 

  • Test Scores - The LAS, PRELAS, TELPAs and TELPAS A tests were added to the list of available tests.

  • TSDS Ed-Fi Pilot

    • The following entities now report students using the Student Unique ID instead of the Aeries Permanent ID: ParentStudentAssociation, StudentSchoolAssociation, StudentEducationOrganizationAssociation, and Student.

    • Recently added entities now meet the latest TSDS Ed-Fi specifications. 

    • The Parent entity was updated to use the latest definitions provided by the TEA. 

Issues Resolved

  • Academic Plan - Performance issues caused an error to be generated when opening the page in a big district, fixed. 

  • Ed-Fi - The DisciplineAction entity had the potential to be duplicated when a student had multiple discipline actions for a single discipline incident, fixed. 

  • Ed-Fi - For California users, the StaffEducationOrganizationAssociation entity had the potential to fail with a data type error for some districts, fixed. 

  • Ed-Fi Code Mapping - There was an error when adding local codes which would result in the code values not displaying, fixed.

Database Changes

  • Testing Control Table (CTL) - For Texas users, multiple new tests, the LAS, PRELAS, and TELPAS A, records were added to the CTL table.

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