Aeries Revision Note 3/21/2023

New Features

  • Transcript - Multiple definitions can be set for each transcript indicator on the Transcript Indicator Definitions page. If the same code is used for multiple definitions, the Transcript page and report only print the code once under Course Indicators

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting (Summer PEIMS) - The StudentTruancyExtension is no longer reported in the StudentAttendanceExtension interchange file for students who have 0 in all three truancy data elements, per an update to the TWEDS reporting requirements. See StudentAttendance Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules

  • Threshold Grade Report 

    • The report options did not allow Low and High Threshold values greater than 100, fixed. The fields now allow values between 0 and 999. 

    • The labels for the Grading Period Marks options did not wrap correctly for long label names, fixed.

    • When using the KEEP/SKIP feature, some classes were duplicated in the report, fixed.

Issues Resolved

  • Transcript Report - For the Enhanced (1-Column) Style transcript, the report did not calculate and display the term Weighted and NonWeighted GPAs when the student was inactive and the Transcript Definition option was set to print the Applicable Primary Term GPA, fixed. See Transcript Design Options - Enhanced (1-Column) Style

  • Activities and Awards - For Texas users, some codes for Other Graduation Requirements, Performance Acknowledgements, and Awards were inactivated in the last update, fixed. 

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